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तकिया टाउको को लागी हो कि घाँटीको लागि?


An adult should sleep about seven to nine hours a day।In other words, one third of life is spent in sleep।Your cervical spine, on the other hand, spends about a third of its time with pillows।What is the correct way to use a pillow? Using the wrong pillow can have serious consequences।

First, cervical spondylosis।

If we use too high a pillow when sleeping, it is equivalent to being forced to lower the head during the whole sleep process। In the long run, it will straighten the physiological curvature of cervical vertebra, causing damage and easily causing cervical spondylosis।

दोस्रो, मस्तिष्क संकोचन

For a long time, the head will be in the condition of insufficient blood and oxygen supply for a long time, which will affect the metabolism of brain cells and lead to memory loss, and the middle-aged and elderly people will have brain dementia and brain atrophy in advance।

तेस्रो, अचानक मृत्यु

Unreasonable pillow is also an important factor that causes cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral stroke and other dangerous diseases।Unreasonable pillow, can cause cerebral ischemia, cause brain injury, at the same time blood pressure rise, heart rate accelerate, make heart ischemia, hypoxia, and aggravate disease even induce death।
चौथो, यसले सास फेर्दछ

Pillow too low will lead to uneven human blood supply, easy to cause congestion and swelling of nasal mucosa। The nasal mucosa is sensitive and swelling can interfere with breathing।

पाँचौं, दृष्टि नोक्सान

What many people don't know is that using the wrong pillow has something to do with your eyesight। When the cervical spine can't maintain its natural curvature, it can compress the optic nerve। The final result: poor vision, fear of light, tears, eye pain and, in severe cases, blindness।
Sixth, hypertension।

Have a kind of high blood pressure to call "neck sex high blood pressure", it is the pillow is inappropriate cause।So-called cervical hypertension, as a result of cervical compression carotid artery, blood flow rate is slow, resulting in increased pressure।Nowadays, there are more and more cases of high blood pressure in young people। Besides playing with mobile phones, it is also related to the wrong pillow।
Seventh, stiff shoulders।

The pillow is too high, can make muscle fatigue sex injury and ligament pull strain, produce convulsion, inflammation to wait, appear the symptom such as neck and shoulder ache, hand hemp, dizziness।


According to the study, 150 million of the world's 600 million अनिद्राcs are affected by uncomfortable pillows, and unscientific pillows are the number one cause of sleep disorders।Ordinary pillow because material is qualitative, pillow type, soft and hard degree is not scientific, can cause cerebrum to offer blood inadequacy, affect sleep central nervous regulation directly, bring about morpheus disorder, serious person can cause long-term and habitual अनिद्रा।

Some people prefer to sleep without a pillow।People lying on their back too much back, easy to open mouth breathing, and then produce dry mouth, dry tongue, throat pain and snoring phenomenon।If you are prone to sleeping on your back, use a pillow about 8 to 13 centimeters high, about the height of your fist, and place another pillow under your knees to relieve pressure on your spine।If you are accustomed to sleeping on your side, the height of the pillow should be equal to the width of your shoulders, which is 13 to 16 cm, so that the cervical spine and lumbar vertebrae are in about the same level।